Using the Map

Basic map features

When you start a new game you will be presented with an empty map, as shown below:

You can use the following features to build up a map of the game world:

Loading and Saving Maps

You can save the map to file separately from the current game. Select Map->Save Map. Zinc map files use the .znm extension.

You can load a previously saved map by selecting Map->Load Map. You can load a map from a stand alone map file or from a saved game file.

Example of a loaded map:


As well as the main map area it is possible to create sub-maps to represent other areas of the game. You can do this by clicking on the sub-map tab in the map window.

To add a new sub-map, click on the Add Submap button. This will create a new sub-map, which you can access from the drop down list at the top of the sub-maps tab. To remove a sub-map, select it in the list of sub-maps, then click the button labeled Remove submap. You can rename a sub-map by selecting it, entering its new name in the Submap's new name field, and Update Name.