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Zinc is the Z Interpreter with Network Capabilities.

Zinc allows you to play text adventure games (also known as interactive fiction) either on your own, or cooperatively over a network. It comes with interpreters for two of the most popular interactive fiction file formats -- Z-machine games, and TADS games.

A common problem when playing adventure games is drawing a map of the game world. Seasoned players will be glad to hear that Zinc has a powerful map facility to make this process as painless as possible.

Zinc's networking capabilities are possibly unique. They enable several players to work together to try to solve a game.

Zinc can be downloaded and run on any platform for which Java 1.4 is available.

Please note that Zinc is also the name of an arcade emulator, a graphical toolkit for Tk, and a reimplementation of CP/M. For more information about these other types of Zinc please see our links page.

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Recent News

18 Aug 2004: Zinc 1.04 released

A new version of Zinc was released today; this release includes several bug fixes.

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2 May 2004: Zinc One Year Old

2nd May 2004 - Zinc is one year old today -- stay tuned for a new release over the coming months! We also hit 5000 downloads last week, but since we forgot to do a news post we won't make a fuss over that particular milestone... *cough*

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9 Jan 2003: Disruption to Zinc Website

The server which hosts the Zinc website was taken down for essential maintenance on the 8th of January, and consequently the website was unavailable.

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